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Transform your body through effective home workouts that you can do at home and anywhere you like. Embrace a fitter and more confident you!

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Yolanthe Cabau

Yolanthe guides you in your fitness journey with effective workout plans and exercises that fit into your journey, regardless of what your fitness goals are and what your progress is on these.

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You can do our customized workouts anytime and anywhere with minimal equipment needed. Burn fat, get in shape, build muscles, improve physical condition.. Whatever your fitness goal is, we'll help you achieve it.

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Totally awesome!
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Cabau is a very clear and good fitness app with fun music! I use the app almost daily now and I notice that I am starting to get fitter and fitter. Also for beginners, like me!
Value for money
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I really think it's a top app! Finally an app with good workouts, nice music and easy to use. It makes me happy just to do another workout in the evening!
Suzanne E.
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Easy app that you can train with anywhere, anytime.
Carny T.
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Useful for tips or if you just can't remember something
Fadoua E.
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I am very satisfied with the app. Hee clear and vee choice. I am also following a detox program and have lost 5 kilos in 2 weeks and my belly is goneggg!!!!
Wendy S.
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Complete, good recipes , fine exercises , fine app
Shakira K.
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The app is very clear and convenient you can really find everything in the app.
Sandra R.
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Clear and easy app Especially the weekly eating schedule and exercises are good to do.
Patricia S.
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Clear and fine inspiration for different meals!
Linda B.
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Nice app where you have nice sports programs to exercise. But also that through the app in the webshop you can order everything you need. I don't use the recipes but enough inspiration so far.

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Word Premium Member en ontvang als eerste informatie over nieuwe promoties. Profiteer daarnaast van een speciale ledenkorting van 10% op elke bestelling zolang je Premium Member bent. Meld je vandaag nog aan en begin samen met ons en meer dan 50.000 andere powervrouwen te bloeien!


De Cabau App biedt toegang tot een speciale community waar powervrouwen elkaar motiveren om de beste versie van hunzelf te worden. Hier delen we verhalen over vreugde en prestaties, maar ook de mindere dingen in het leven. Begin met verkennen en ontdek alle geweldige functies.


De Cabau App bied je meer dan geweldige workouts, namelijk talloze recepten voor Cabaulicious gerechten & drankjes. Allerlei makkelijke, lekkere en gezonde gerechten!


Meditation - Get your well-deserved rest with these meditation exercises for home or another place to get back to zen mode. This will help you to get back in shape as well.

Group classes (with BN'ers)

Groepslessen – Groepslessen hebben we in het leven geroepen, omdat we samen sterker zijn in de journey naar ons droomlichaam en afvallen zo plezieriger wordt dan ooit. Het voelt als privé sportles thuis vanuit jouw telefoon, terwijl je het toch samen doet.


30 mins workout programma’s – Impactvolle 30 mins workout programma’s om met minimale benodigdheden toch het maximale uit jezelf te halen! Van abs workouts tot aan HITT trainingen.

10 mins workout

10 minute workouts - Effective HIIT workouts of just 10 minutes that transform your body into a calorie burning machine. Losing weight at home - here we come! From full body workouts to cardio exercises.